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Ethiopia Embarks on Nile Basin Reforestation Under Green Legacy Initiative

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louis Buyisiwe

Mar 9, 2024

The nile basin reforestation

 The vast expanse of reforested land signifies a major environmental conservation effort, with diverse tree species visible, highlighting the country's commitment to combating climate change and protecting natural resources.
Ethiopia Advances Green Legacy Initiative with Massive Nile Basin Reforestation Plan

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - In a significant stride towards environmental conservation, Ethiopia's Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) has announced an ambitious plan to plant 6.5 billion saplings during the upcoming rainy season. This initiative forms a part of the country's broader Green Legacy Initiative aimed at bolstering the ecological integrity of the Nile Basin and supporting sustainable development.

Fanosie Mekonnen, MoA's Lead Executive Officer for Natural Resources Protection and Usage, revealed in a conversation with the Ethiopian Press Agency (EPA) that a considerable focus of this year's reforestation efforts would be directed towards the Nile Basin. Specifically, 25 percent of the forestry seedlings, constituting a mix of 60 percent agroforestry and 40 percent forestry trees, are earmarked for this critical watershed area.

The initiative is not only about planting trees but also about safeguarding crucial national assets like the Abbay Dam from sedimentation threats. By reinforcing natural resource management and conservation within the Nile Basin, Ethiopia is taking proactive steps to maintain the dam's longevity and functionality.

Collaboration is at the heart of this endeavor, with Fanosie highlighting the collective efforts of state leaders and the general public in driving the Green Legacy Initiative forward. The nationwide commitment is evident in the participation in basin development and green legacy activities, demonstrating a unified approach to environmental stewardship.

Looking back at the journey of the Green Legacy Initiative, Ethiopia has made commendable progress, with over 32.5 billion seedlings planted across the nation in the last five years. The ambitious goal to plant 50 billion seedlings in the initiative's first and second phases underscores Ethiopia's dedication to environmental conservation and climate action.

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