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Ethiopia's Untapped Coffee Bounty: A $5.8 Billion Opportunity export potential

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louis Buyisiwe

Mar 23, 2024

Ethiopia is widely considered the birthplace of coffee

Ethiopia is widely considered the birthplace of coffee, and its wealth has led it to be called the bank of coffee biodiversity among African countries.  However, despite suitable ecosystem for the sector, the country is not yet benefiting from the sector as expected.  Coffee Biodiversity Researcher Tadesse Woldemariam told ENA that Ethiopia's vast coffee biodiversity enables the country to improving the quality and productivity of coffee.

 Ethiopia, revered as the cradle of coffee, harbors a potential goldmine in its lush coffee landscapes, with the ability to boost its annual revenue by a staggering $5.8 billion through enhanced coffee exports. This revelation comes from esteemed Coffee Biodiversity Researcher, Tadesse Woldemariam, who underscored the nation's unique position as a global coffee gene bank during his dialogue with the Ethiopian News Agency (ENA).

Despite its rich heritage and abundant resources, Ethiopia has yet to fully capitalize on its coffee sector. Woldemariam emphasized the crucial role of Ethiopia's diverse coffee genetic resources in elevating both the quality and yield of its coffee production.

He advocated for modernizing genetic research facilities to bolster coffee quality, combat diseases, and adapt to climate change challenges.

Highlighting the significance of safeguarding coffee biodiversity, Woldemariam pointed out collaborative efforts with UNESCO to protect vital coffee biodiversity forests such as Yayu, Kefa, Sheko, and Messenger. He stressed the necessity of equipping local coffee farmers with the latest technology and expertise to maintain the intrinsic flavor and quality of Ethiopian coffee.

As Ethiopia aims to generate $1.75 billion from exporting 350,000 tons of coffee this fiscal year, Woldemariam's insights shed light on the imperative of research-driven strategies to preserve the coffee ecosystem for sustained prosperity.

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