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Do2dtun Shares Struggle in Gaining Custody of Children

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Prince Jean

Mar 11, 2024


Media personality Do2dtun has candidly discussed his ongoing custody battle with his estranged wife, Taiwo Oyebanjo, in a recent interview. Image/@Do2dtun

Renowned broadcaster Do2dtun has openly discussed the significant challenges he is encountering in securing access to his children amidst an ongoing custody dispute following his separation from estranged spouse, Taiwo Oyebanjo.

The separation came into the public eye in December 2022, when Oyebanjo initiated divorce proceedings, levelling serious accusations against Do2dtun, including emotional abuse, domestic violence, and coercion into an abortion. The couple, who had been united in matrimony for almost a decade, share parental responsibilities for their two children.

In a heartfelt revelation on the Goldroom show, Do2dtun detailed the emotional strain of being apart from his children during the legal tussle. Despite the complexity of the divorce process, he remains dedicated to his parental role and is actively pursuing legal avenues to be reunited with his children.

Do2dtun also touched upon the financial implications of the dispute, highlighting his determination to ensure financial stability for his children's sake. He believes that as they grow, his children will be free to choose the parent with whom they wish to reside.

Throughout the dialogue, Do2dtun maintained that he has been transparent about the divorce and custody issues. He emphasized the personal struggles he faces in striving to maintain a relationship with his children during this tumultuous period.

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