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Deadly Clan Clashes Erupt in Central Somalia, Leaving 55 Dead

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Ayize claire

Jun 10, 2024

Conflict Over Grazing Land and Water Points Leads to Tragic Losses

A violent clash between two clans in central Somalia has resulted in the deaths of at least 55 people and injuries to 155 others, according to residents and medical officials. The conflict erupted over the weekend between the Dir and Marihan clans in Abudwaq and Herale towns, over control of grazing land and water points.

The federal government of Somalia, already grappling with violence from the Al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab group, is now facing the additional challenge of clan-based conflicts. Farah Nur, a clan elder from Herale, expressed frustration over the delayed intervention by government forces. "Government forces came late. Unfortunately, 55 people died, this includes both clans," he said.

"It was easy to stop (the fight) but it didn't happen. The situation got out of hand and spread like a wildfire."

Medical personnel from hospitals in Herale, Abudwaq, and nearby towns reported treating 115 wounded individuals. Those who lost their lives were buried immediately by their communities.

The conflict is believed to have deeper roots, with suspicions that al Shabaab may have played a role in inciting the violence.

Ahmed Shire Falagle, a security adviser to the president of Galmudug state, noted,

"We believe al Shabaab is indirectly behind this strange war. These are two brotherly clans that jointly used to defeat al Shabaab."

The fighting has temporarily ceased following the arrival of federal government soldiers, though the atmosphere remains tense.

"There is (a) ceasefire but the mood is not good. A permanent ceasefire is needed," said Sadia Hussein, a mother of four from Abudwaq.

As Somalia continues to navigate its complex security landscape, the need for effective and timely intervention in such conflicts is more critical than ever to prevent further loss of life and to maintain stability in the region.

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