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Davido Expresses Joy Over Fatherhood, Says Having Twins is Unparalleled

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Prince Jean

Apr 5, 2024

Nigerian Celebrities

Nigerian Afrobeats king, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has opened up about the unique experience of being a father to twins. @davido

Renowned Nigerian Afrobeats artist, David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, recently divulged the joys and unexpected ease of twin parenthood, alongside updates on his flourishing music career, in an exclusive interview with Billboard.

Contrary to widespread apprehensions, Davido finds the experience of raising twins immensely fulfilling, describing it as "the best feeling ever." The singer, along with his wife Chioma, has navigated the challenges of twin parenthood with remarkable positivity. Davido recounted the initial skepticism faced from those around him concerning the demands of raising twins. Contrary to these forewarnings, he noted the serene nature of his twins, emphasizing, "They don’t even cry."

Expressing profound gratitude, Davido highlighted the twins' serene disposition and rapid growth as key factors that have made his parenting journey enjoyable.

"They’re just calm and they’re just growing so fast. It’s just a blessing. Thank God for everything really,"

he remarked, reflecting on the blessings his twins have brought into his life.

In the realm of music, Davido touched upon his collaborative ventures, notably with American singer Chris Brown. The duo, he revealed, has worked together on over 20 yet-to-be-released tracks. With anticipation building around his upcoming album, Davido assured fans of new music slated for release within the year, hinting at another collaboration featured on Chris Brown's forthcoming album, due in just two weeks.

Davido's reflections offer a glimpse into his personal life as a doting father and his professional endeavors, showcasing his versatility as both a devoted family man and a pivotal figure in the global music scene.

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