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Davido Collaborates with United Masters to Unveil New Record Label

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Prince Jean

Apr 19, 2024

Nigerian Celebrities

Davido Debuts New Record Label Nine+ in Collaboration with United Masters. Image:3musicTV

Nigerian music icon, Davido, has announced a strategic partnership with United Masters to launch a new record label, further expanding his influence within the global music industry. This collaboration marks a significant milestone following Davido's successful tenure at HKN and his own Davido Music Worldwide (DMW), which recently underwent a rebranding to DMW 2.0.

On April 18, 2024, United Masters took to their official Instagram to reveal the partnership, describing it as a "groundbreaking collaboration" that is set to transform the African music landscape. According to United Masters, this alliance will empower both emerging and established artists by leveraging Davido's vast experience and network.

Davido expressed his enthusiasm about the new venture, emphasizing his commitment to fostering talent across the globe. The new label, named Nine+, aims to be a launchpad for new artists, providing them with the tools and exposure needed to succeed on the international stage.

This initiative follows Davido's recent achievements, including a sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden, making him only the third Nigerian artist to headline the prestigious venue. His fourth album, 'Timeless', which featured artists from his label such as Morravey and Logos Olori, received a Grammy nomination, highlighting his dual success as both a performer and a label executive.

With the launch of Nine+, Davido continues to shape the future of music, offering a platform for new talent to shine under his guidance and the expansive reach of United Masters.

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