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Controversy Surrounds Afrobeats Star Asake for Alleged Mockery in "Only Me" Music Video

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louis Buyisiwe

Apr 7, 2024

Afrobeats star accused of mocking Christianity in Only Me

the dancers sing Only Me's refrain, repeating "we get money" over and over again. While the lyrics appear to be about someone who only wants to live for themselves, the video could be seen as a satire about charismatic preachers.
Nigerian Afrobeats star Asake

In a recent release that has stirred significant controversy, Nigerian Afrobeats star Asake is accused of mocking Christian themes in his music video for "Only Me." The video, which made its debut last Thursday, has sparked widespread debate for its portrayal of the artist in Christian-inspired attire, surrounded by dancers who dramatically collapse as he showers them with money.

This depiction has ignited a firestorm of criticism across social media platforms. One user on X voiced their concern, stating,

"Asake keeps disrespecting the Christian faith in his music videos," pointing to a growing unease among viewers over the video's thematic choices.

In "Only Me," dancers can be seen echoing the song's hook, "we get money," which, while ostensibly focusing on individualism, has been interpreted by some as a satirical jab at certain charismatic religious figures.

The backlash has been pronounced, with another social media commentator asserting, "Asake is mocking Christians with his blasphemous music video," highlighting the contentious nature of the visual imagery employed.

This incident marks not the first time Asake's use of religious motifs in his work has come under scrutiny.

His previous collaboration with Fireboy DML on "Bandana" also drew criticism for its use of Christian symbols, depicting black goats in a church setting, surrounded by people with flames hovering above them.

The reaction from Asake's fanbase includes calls for the artist to reconsider his creative decisions, with one fan expressing disappointment:

"Shame on you man. I'm a big fan of your music but the depictions in this your latest video are absolutely insane."

As the debate continues, responses from Asake's management team regarding the growing controversy are awaited by many.

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