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Cassper Nyovest Reacts to Wedding Buzz, Quips He Discovered the News on Social Platforms

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Prince Jean

Mar 17, 2024

South African CelebZ

Rapper Cassper posted on X that he just found out online about his weeding. © from Ig/donbilliato

Cassper Nyovest, the acclaimed South African rapper, recently addressed the widespread rumors about his alleged upcoming wedding in a light-hearted manner. On March 16, amidst growing speculation, Nyovest took to social media to express his amusement over the news of his own wedding, humorously noting that he was made aware of the event's details, including the date and venue, through social media platforms. In his tweet, Nyovest joked about being invited to his own wedding and playfully commented on the attractiveness of the supposed bride chosen for him, without confirming or denying the rumors outright.

The speculation regarding Nyovest's nuptials began after a supposed wedding invitation leaked online, propelling him into the spotlight on social media. The rumor mill suggested that Nyovest was set to marry Pulane Mojaki, an alleged childhood friend, which came as a surprise to many fans and followers. This was particularly unexpected given Nyovest's previous relationship with Thobeka Majozi, with whom he shares a son named Khotso. Up until early this year, Nyovest was believed to be romantically linked to Majozi.

In a candid interview with Mpoomy Ledwaba, Nyovest opened up about his personal life, revealing that his relationship with Majozi had ended two years prior. He also shared insights into his struggles with sex addiction and his path towards spiritual growth. During the interview, Nyovest mentioned being in a new relationship and practicing celibacy, although he remained discreet about further details.

Despite the fervent buzz and an initially rumored wedding date of March 16, which was later speculated to have been postponed to April 6, both Nyovest and his management team have not provided any official comments on the matter. The rapper's playful response to the wedding rumors showcases his knack for engaging with trending topics while maintaining a veil of mystery around his personal affairs. As the speculation continues, Nyovest's fans remain in suspense, awaiting clarity on the rapper's marital status and the truth behind the rumored wedding plans.

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