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Blaqbonez Claims Title as One of the World's Most Handsome Men

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Prince Jean

Mar 31, 2024

African Artists

Blaqbonez Proclaims Himself Among the World's Most Dashing Gentlemen. Image from Instagram/@blakbonez

Emeka Akumefule, widely recognized by his stage name Blaqbonez, recently expressed his confidence in his appearance in a candid interview with content creator Bae U Barbi. The Nigerian rapper and singer boldly stated, "I genuinely think I’m one of the most attractive men on planet earth,"

highlighting his self-assurance in his looks. Alongside his comments on physical attractiveness, Blaqbonez shared his personal insights on relationships, emphasizing his selective nature in choosing a partner and his preference for someone less absorbed in the realm of social media. Blaqbonez's conversation also ventured into the challenges and pressures of fame. On the latest episode of Joey Akan’s Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast, he articulated a nuanced perspective, describing fame as more of a burden than a benefit.

"I think fame is a punishment,"

he remarked, illustrating the constant attention and scrutiny that accompany public recognition and how it contrasts with the privacy enjoyed by those out of the celebrity spotlight.

The artist further elaborated on the constraints fame imposes on his personal freedom and lifestyle. Blaqbonez lamented the loss of normalcy in daily activities, such as dining out or navigating public spaces, due to the inevitable public attention. His statement,

"I can’t even go out in Nigeria to have actual fun. I must be Blaqbonez. It feels like a crazy punishment,"

underscores the isolation and challenges he faces in balancing his public persona with his desire for private enjoyment.

Through his reflections, Blaqbonez sheds light on the paradox of fame, where the privileges of celebrity status are counterbalanced by significant personal sacrifices. His candidness offers a glimpse into the complex dynamics of public life, revealing the hidden costs associated with being a recognized figure in the entertainment industry.

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