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Beer prices hike again for the third time This Year Amid Economic Strain in Nigeria

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louis Buyisiwe

Mar 14, 2024

Nigerian breweries

The price of beer is set to rise once again in Nigeria because of the rising cost of production, says Nigerian Breweries.  This is the third time in less than a year that consumers will be paying more for their refreshment. The brewery said the new prices would take effect on Friday, one month after the last adjustment.  Nigeria Breweries is the largest and oldest brewery in the country, but last year, it recorded a net loss of 106bn naira ($66m: £53m) because the depreciation of the naira, the local currency, has made importing the ingredients more expensive.  In recent months, local manufacturers in many sectors have hiked product prices as the country faces the worst economic crisis in a generation.
Popular Breweries in Nigeria (Beverages)

Nigerian Breweries, the country's leading and most established brewing company, has declared another increase in beer prices due to escalating production costs. This marks the third price adjustment in less than twelve months, intensifying the financial burden on consumers seeking refreshment. The revised pricing is set to commence on Friday, closely following the previous adjustment a month ago.

In the face of Nigeria's dire economic challenges, the brewery reported a significant net loss of 106 billion naira ($66 million/£53 million) last year. The naira's depreciation has notably inflated the cost of importing essential brewing ingredients, contributing to the financial strain.

The broader manufacturing sector is similarly affected, with numerous local businesses raising product prices to counter the economic downturn, described as the most severe in recent decades. The scarcity of foreign currency, crucial for importing raw materials, coupled with inadequate power supply, stands out as primary obstacles for production and commercial operations in Nigeria.

The ripple effects of heightened food and transport expenses have exacerbated the situation, plunging an increasing number of Nigerians into poverty. This price surge from Nigerian Breweries is a reflection of the broader economic hardships faced by industries and consumers alike.

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