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Asake Reveals Olamide Advised Him to End Relationship Amid Rising Fame

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Prince Jean

Mar 25, 2024

Nigerian Celebrities

Asake disclosed that upon achieving fame, Olamide suggested he end his relationship with his then-girlfriend. Images from Instagram/@asake_2023@olamide

Nigerian musical artist Asake shared a personal account of how his mentor, Olamide, guided him through a pivotal decision during the early stages of his stardom. Asake recounted an incident where, after earning a substantial amount from his music, he decided to share the joy and financial success with his girlfriend by offering her a gift of N2 million. Contrary to his expectations, his girlfriend declined the gift, suggesting it was insufficient relative to his earnings. This response, particularly unexpected given her modest upbringing, left Asake perplexed.

Seeking counsel, Asake turned to Olamide, who advised him to reconsider the relationship and instead, redirect the financial gift to his mother. Following Olamide's advice, Asake sent the N2 million to his mother, who invested it wisely in establishing a sizeable provision store. This investment has since provided her with financial stability, alleviating Asake's concerns about her well-being.

In reflecting on the turn of events, Asake expressed his gratitude towards Olamide's guidance, noting the positive outcome of his decision.

"When I made my first big pay check from music, I was so happy that I shared the news with my girlfriend. I gave her full details of how much I made and the next day, I gave her 2 million naira as a gift. To my surprise, she turned it down saying 2 Million was too small compared to how much I had made. I was a bit worried coz this girl is from a humble background and I never imagined her to be like that. I explained the situation to Olamide and he advised me to leave the girl, he also instructed me to send the 2 Million Naira to my mom. I’m glad I did coz my mom was able to make good use of the money and open a big provision store. My mom doesn’t call me for financial issues anymore coz she’s doing just fine…”

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