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Asake and Ayra Starr Withdraw from Abidjan Concert Due to Controversial Demands

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Prince Jean

Mar 3, 2024

Nigerian Music

Ayra Starr and Asake who recently cancelled their performances in Abidjan Laguna Show. © from their official Instagram Accounts

The highly anticipated Abidjan Laguna show faced unexpected setbacks as both Asake and Ayra Starr withdrew from their scheduled performances. The event organizer, Karim Ouattara, recently shed light on the reasons behind their abrupt exits.

In an exclusive interview with newsmen, Ouattara revealed that both artists had received 50% upfront payment for their appearances. However, their divergent demands led to their removal from the headlining lineup:

  1. Asake: The Nigerian artist, who initially agreed to perform, made an audacious request. He demanded a private jet to transport him from Los Angeles to Lagos, then to Abidjan, and finally back to Lagos. Outtarra explained that this extravagant demand did not align with the show’s sponsors’ expectations, resulting in Asake’s cancellation.

  2. Ayra Starr: The rising star, fresh from her Grammy nomination, was initially set to travel to Abidjan via a commercial flight. However, she later requested a private jet for her journey. Ayra’s change of plans, from Lagos to Los Angeles, further complicated logistics. Despite her €75,000 advance payment, the organizers decided to replace her as well.

Ouattara emphasized that both artists had been compensated fairly, but their high-flying demands clashed with the practical realities of organizing the concert. As the Abidjan Laguna show adapts to these unexpected developments, fans await updates on the revised lineup.

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