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Aggression of the DRC: A new report from UN experts confirms the presence of elements of the Rwandan army on Congolese soil

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Alison Marsh

Jan 3, 2024

UN Experts Reveal Rwandan Army's Secret Presence on Congolese Territory

UN Report Unveils: Rwandan Military Covertly Supports M23 Rebels in DRC Conflict

A new, unpublished UN report, reviewed by Xtrafrica, exposes the involvement of Rwandan forces in the conflict in Eastern Congo. This document confirms the presence of Rwandan special forces on Congolese soil, fighting alongside the M23 rebel group. Key evidence includes aerial images depicting soldiers with equipment typical of the Rwandan Defense Forces (RDF) in combat areas, including Virunga National Park. This follows a 2022 report where UN experts first identified Rwanda's support to M23, including supplying weapons and uniforms.

This involvement has significantly impacted the regional dynamics, contributing to increased tensions and conflict in the area. The report details Rwandan troop interventions, joint attacks with M23 on strategic locations, and the provision of military equipment resembling Rwandan army gear

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