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2023 Rwanda overtook DRC in coltan exports

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Serge Kabongo

Apr 17, 2024

Rwanda's Coltan Export Surge

2023 Rwanda overtook DRC in coltan exports
2023 Rwanda overtook DRC in coltan exports

It's no secret that the DRC is one of the world's leading sources of coltan, a vital mineral for the electronics industry. However, recent data reveals a concerning trend: in 2023, Rwanda overtook the DRC in coltan exports, with Rwanda exporting 2,070 tons compared to the DRC's 1,918 tons.

This shift raises serious questions about the ethical sourcing of coltan and the role of international responsibility in preventing the exploitation of natural resources. Rwanda's rapid ascent in the coltan market since 2014 has been a source of tension between the two countries, and it brings to light issues of smuggling and the lack of traceability in the supply chain.

Critics argue that Rwanda's rise in coltan exports is fueled by the illegal exploitation of coltan from eastern DRC, with the tacit support of certain international powers. This not only undermines the DRC's economy but also contributes to the ongoing conflict and instability in the region.

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