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President Ruto Ready to Dialogue with Youth Protesting Finance Bill

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Ayize claire

Jun 24, 2024

President Ruto Opens Dialogue with Youth Amid Widespread Protests Against Finance Bill

President William Ruto and an angry youth on the right.

In a move to address growing unrest, President William Ruto has expressed readiness to engage with young Kenyans protesting the new public finance bill.

The bill, which proposes new taxes, has sparked widespread opposition, particularly among the youth. Last week saw thousands take to the streets across Kenya, demanding the bill's cancellation. Tragically, Thursday's demonstrations resulted in the deaths of two young protesters and left at least 200 injured, according to human rights organizations.

On June 23, the protests continued in front of the Holy Family Basilica in Nairobi. Kanana Koome, a student, voiced the group's concerns, stating,

"This law imposes heavy taxes on Kenyans, leading to oppression and a poor quality of life for those less wealthy."

Milan, a 24-year-old participant, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the bleak job prospects for graduates and urging action to prevent future generations from facing even harsher conditions.

Protests also erupted in Nyahururu, 200 kilometers north of Nairobi, where President Ruto attended Sunday mass. Addressing the nation for the first time since the protests began, Ruto acknowledged the youth's mobilization and expressed his willingness to dialogue.

"We will identify your problems and work together as a nation," he assured.

The youth's determination and the president's response mark a critical juncture in Kenya's ongoing debate over the finance bill. As both sides prepare for dialogue, the nation watches closely to see how these discussions will shape the future of Kenya's fiscal policies.

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